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Vision – Mission

European market and international environment are constantly changing due to the current economic situation and the policies pursued by government and institutions.


Companies’ aptitude to adapt to these changes depends on knowledge.


The immediate and effective transfer of know-how, expertise and information is the backbone of our services, which in turn reinforces the competitive advantages of our clients.


Our vision:To enhance our customer’s capability to compete and create profits, we provide excellent vocational training in Greece, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and beyond.


Our goal is to always provide our customers with:
• High quality services in order to meet their specific needs and guarantee their competitive advantage.
• First – class speakers active in teaching and consultancy, supported by a dedicated and effective organization.
• A vast variety of topics, adjusted to the latest developments of international market.
• Highly trained and skilled team, supported by an effective business organization.
• The most up-to-date services, which correspond to international changes, as well as the most recent best practices applied by leading companies and organizations internationally.


Our aim is:
– To be close to our clients and support them, by striving to understand their specific needs, create a program which is unique to them and develop long-term relationships with them.
– To guide the advancement of our clients, by improving the skills and capabilities of their workforce, in order to increase their profitability.
– To offer comprehensive services in order to provide flexible and effective training solutions.